Bloom VoxBox Review: Cutex Polish Remover Pads

Is there really a fast and easier way to remove nail polish, aside from the standard acetone and cotton ball? Well, Cutex has come out with the Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pad. I received a few free samples in my Bloom VoxBox, through Influenster, and recently tried one out. Inside the box there are 3 individual packets. One packet contains a rectangular felt pad soaked in acetone. The product I received says it strengthens and conditions the nails as well, so it contains botanical oils to nourish the natural nails, like perilla seed oil, flaxseed oil, and apricot kernel oils.

So the product claims that just one packet can clean all ten fingernails. Now to me that would be amazing, because when I normally clean my nails, it takes about 2-3 cotton balls and a good amount of polish remover. But for one pad to do it all, without the mess (which is another bonus), is a winner. I personally have never heard of Cutex, so I was excited to test them out.

To be fair, I was starting off with just 8 fingernails to clean because 2 of them I already chipped away at; but I didn’t see why that would be a problem. The results proved somewhat otherwise. Just one pad cleaned 5 out of the 8 nails (it should really be 5 out of 10 nails). To be honest, I wasn’t completely surprised by the results. The first couple of nails were a breeze to remove, but by the time I got to the 4th and 5th nails, I was struggling to get them off. The pads were feeling dry and worn out at that point, and so it became hard to wipe of the polish with ease; I had to vigorously scrub the polish off. Then for the other three nails, I broke out the real MVPs to save the day, my day ones haha, the good old polish remover and cotton balls.

I was a bit disappointed with the outcome since it didn’t do what was promised. I do appreciate the idea and the concept, and I especially love the strengthening and conditioning aspect of it, but I feel the pads should have been a bit more soaked. I mean I was drying out just after the 3rd nail! I don’t see how this is different from a cotton ball, but I can see how it is way less messier and portable for travel and everyday use. So my verdict: Fast? No. Easy? Yes! It’s way easier to just whip one of these out and just start wiping away, but again, you would probably need two pads to get all 10 nails, as opposed to the one pad they’re advertising. Again, this is just my opinion and experience. I still have two pads left, so I’ll try those out, and see how they go. I don’t wanna lose hope on this brilliant product!

Thank you @Influenster and @CutexNails for providing the free samples!! #SoCutex #HealthyNails #contest


3 thoughts on “Bloom VoxBox Review: Cutex Polish Remover Pads

    • creativeimaginer says:

      I wish! I would’ve loved to see them work on all 10, and I found it really weird that didn’t work. Oh well, there’s always a next time. I have 2 more pads left, I’ll test them out again!


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